AGM Minutes, November 26, 2005

Present : Richard Carrey, Steve Wallace, Jimmy Shum, Joe Shieh, Craig Kurten, Michele Felder, Henrik Kolding, total approx 18 members
Apologies : Nicole Klaassen
meeting opened at approx 7:40pm at the Residents Club, Discovery Bay

The minutes of the 2004 Annual General Meeting were read and approved as an accurate record of that meeting

Commodore Richard Carrey gave a report on the activities that have taken place in the previous 12 months, see attached.
To summarise : Still no new clubhouse, but facilities are improving outside that. There is plenty of interest in the club from non-members, so despite a high churn rate we are still just about full. Good to see other boats being used, especially the outriggers and canoes. Because the regatta was well organized and run sponsorship for next year will be easy to get, as well as for events through the year. As always, we could do with more participants at club races. We also need to have a few more people taking some of the organizational load.

Treasurer Steve Wallace made a presentation on the state of the clubs finances, see attached
To summarise : The bank balance stands at HK$290K, down approx HK$47K. During the year we invested in an extra visit from Brian Phipps
to train 18 catamaran trainers, as well as an anti-mosquito device and extensive work laying new water pipes and hoses. In addition there
were some costs held over from previous years. We have had quite a lot of new members, particularly social and canoe, as well as a lot
of boats changing hands. We also paid 50% of Awah’s new boat

Our HK Sailing Federation Representative, Kevin Lewis reported on what he had done during the year : 1)clarified the legality of towing in the
harbour – it isn’t, except in emergency. 2) Kevin tried to get the club recognised as an approved training centre – this was not achieved but we
have an extensive list of things we need to do to make it so. 3) Kevin pushed the HKSF to include catamaran details in their training log books
as the RYA have, but they did not agree to this.
Kevin was voted in as the LBC representative on the HKSF for the coming year

Craig Kurten gave a report on the progress of the new clubhouse. We have submitted plans to HKRI. They have told us that we need Building
Department approval, but that the current structure is probably illegal, so if we do submit plans we risk being told to remove the existing
structure. It was noted that this applies to most of Discovery Bay. It was also noted that Sea Horse Lane is due to be renovated. It was agreed
we would proceed slowly with some facilities improvement, trying not to draw attention to ourselves.
It was noted that a “club house” needs a fire rating, but a “storage hut” does not.
The motion to levy an extra $1,000 was not passed as there are no clear plans on what the money will be spent on. An Extraordinary
General meeting could be held during the year if it became necessary to raise more money to pay for building work.

The committee stood down and nominations for replacements were taken. The following were elected unopposed

  • Commodore : Richard Carrey
  • Treasurer : Steve Wallace
  • Secretary : Michele Felder
  • Vice Commodore Regatta : Joe Shieh
  • Vice Commodore Training : Jimmy Shum with Henrik Kolding assisting
  • Race Officer : Tom Nunan
  • Beach Master : Neels Brink and Wayne Smal
  • Social Secretary : nobody, assitants : Anne Ludlow, Liz Smith

A sample of an EVA rubber block was shown as a possible replacement for tires as boat supports, which trap water and allow mosquitos to
breed. The block was seen as a good replacement and a motion was passed to insist on tires being banned from the beach in favour of
EVA. We have a price of $200 per set of 4 from the Hobie Club. Jeremy Blackwell may have a source at a cheaper price, and will investigate.
It was agreed that an additional levy of up to HK$200 per boat be added to the next bill to pay for the blocks, which would belong to the current
boat owner, who would bear responsibility for maintaining them.

Jeremy Blackwell made it known that he had a good price on new optimist dinghies. It was agreed that members could store these under
their existing catamarans at no extra charge. This will be reviewed at the next AGM. This will be communicated to the membership by
web and email

It was agreed that having our regatta later in October was better than early in October

It was noted that in preparing the event calendar we should avoid clashing with mini rugby tournaments

Kevin Lewis warned that our liability insurance does not cover watercraft, and we should check the policy carefully when renewing

Craig Kurten agreed to be part of a buildings committee

A preference for an occasional long distance race was expressed. This could be run in conjunction with the DB Yacht Club who could provide
additional safety coverage. A destination of the Soko Islands or the airport was suggested.

The meeting closed at 10:00pm