AGM November 2005

Commodore’s Report to the Annual General Meeting, November 2005


  • Christmas Ball, Cricket Club, great time
  • Camp at Pui O in May – 8 boats
  • Spring Dinner at RHKYC with a few Hobie Club guys
  • Dragon Boat team – lots of “friends of friends”. Thanks to Nicole for getting a friend at Adidas to give us shirts
  • Open day very popular about 25 people given rides. bbq
  • Another Christmas Ball next week
  • Much hard work and organization from Michele, as well as keeping hut stocked and tidy


  • Jimmy did a couple of training days on the beach for existing members.
  • Hamish did a day on hobie sailing
  • Two novices courses instead of the usual one in the summer
  • Brian Phipps in Feb trained 18 cat trainers, not all full members. 5 day course
  • Brian back in October. Disappointing turn out for intermediates, due partly to it falling on weekdays and bank holidays in school half term. Not many novices followed on, but most of time used up


  • Club races reasonably well attended, about 8-12 boats usually
  • Experimented with courses with gates in. Need a bit more variety – eg capsizes. Also need more write-ups
  • Cheung Chau – lost to Hobbie club. In future need to change rules as we now have more hobies


  • Swapped the order of the LBC and HAC around because they were attracting people before the hobie Worlds
  • Didn’t really affect turnout, still about 50 boats
  • HAC hobie-only meant we sent less there – about 6 boats
  • We sent 8 boats to ABC Opening Regatta, about 12 to Round The Island
  • Commodores Cup was squeezed in to a w/e at Cheung Chau – not much enthusiasm for it, cancelled by weather
  • Our regatta once again very successful, thanks to a lot of work by all committee, especially Joe
  • Pleased to get HK Resorts as title sponsor – seemed pretty pleased with the result, except for stickers falling off – will fix for next year
  • Lloyds TSB were also pleased with their sponsorship and are keen to sponsor us with more events, probably throughout the year rather than just at the regatta. I’ll come back to that.

Club improvements

  • Finally got a mosquito trap up and working – thanks to Henrik
  • Steve & Craig did a tremendous job putting in new water pipes
  • No typhoons this year so no trees down or anything. Still need to replace a lot of tie downs
  • Craig will say a few words about future plans


We’ve had a few outrigger canoes join the club, owned by a syndicate calling themselves the Lantau Island Outrigger Canoe Club. They’re pretty well organized and keen, often sailing early mornings. They do pay boat parking fees, have the requisite number of full members and provide lots of social members

They had their own regatta this month, which seemed popular and well organized.
“Welcome to the club” to them.


We bought a batch of spray jackets to sell to members, which have proved pretty popular. We also have a deal with Garmin to resell their handheld GPS devices. Neither of these is sold at much of a profit – they are both aimed at getting more people to sail by taking away the excuses of temperature and boredom


Lloyds TSB are keen to have a long term relationship with us. Besides confirming they want to sponsor the next regatta, they have offered to pay for all food and drink at a few events over the year, as well as t-shirts or some other clothing if we have a team event – eg cheung chau challenge. In return they will hang a few banners around at those events, send a brochure out with one of our mailings (eg bills / calendars), have a link on our web site, get a footer in some emails. They will NOT be given any member details – any mailouts will be done by the club, so no email spam or junk phone calls. We will get $800 or so if a member signs up to one of their offshore accounts or mortgages.

Suggest we interleave a Lloyds TSB series with other races so that every few months we have a bit of a bigger day – perhaps more races, plus round the island, followed by bbq and beer on the beach.


Still no new clubhouse, but facilities are improving outside that. There is plenty of interest in the club from non-members, so despite a high churn rate we are still just about full. Good to see other boats being used, especially the outriggers and canoes. Because the regatta was well organized and run sponsorship for next year will be easy to get, as well as for events through the year. As always, we could do with more participants at club races. We also need to have a few more people taking some of the organizational load.

A good year – 8/10

Richard Carrey
Commodore, Lantau Boat Club