LBC AGM Nov 2006

Commodore’s Message

Xmas party at Ladies Recreation Club with Hobie Club, formal dress
New Year’s Day – sail vs paddle race. Paddlers won. Later in the year sailors recovered pride when started race in bay, made it longer and held it on a windy day.

Sponsorship from Lloyds – three events through year, fun activities, like extra 360, pick up lifejacket, capsize. V popular. Well done Tom as RO for thinking of interesting events

Cheung Chau Challenge – sent 11 boats, darts + hobies against 10 h16 from HKHC. They won – more top end sailors, we like to encourage everyone

Camping – 5 boats went to Sokos with DBYC. Not much wind, so towed most of the way. Good place to camp, great atmosphere round bbq. Go see it before it gets built on

Sunshine island back on the calendar but rained off. Christened the new bbq, thanks Cathy

Dragon Boat races – hard work getting anyone to practice – thanks Maryanne for trying. Did surprisingly well in races, getting in to the semifinal.

Commodore’s Cup – HKHC event to make up for not letting darts in to HAC. Sent 9 boats over. No wind day 1, picked up day 2 and screamed back in a gale on Sunday. They’ve seen the light and will open up the HAC again this year.

Open day, sponsored by Lloyds very successful. Gave rides to about 50 people. Neil Jensen spent all day on the BBQ

Novice Training very popular. Big thanks to all those who helped out, lent boats etc. and to Jimmy for organizing everything

ABC opening regatta – sent 13 boats, again changeable winds, mostly light
HKHC regatta – sent about 6 teams, won by Thais and Singaporeans

Asian Open Regatta – very successful. Usual large field of about 45. Well run and organized – thanks Joe, Kevin, Bo. More sponsorship than ever, Polaroid livened things up with their girls and booth. Plagued by light winds. Food good – thanks Philippe and Res Club

Round the Island – 12 entries, sadly no wind again. Thanks to Awah getting everyone hope safely in the dark

Brian Phipps training – private training very popular, courses less so. Kept him a few days extra to train some kids on Dart 15/16. HKHC didn’t share any time. Got to look at pricing and whether we want to devote that much of club’s money on his training – see treasurer’s report

Club boat generously donated by Thomas Burkhalter. Very useful for training and for the next step for new sailors to borrow. Need to discuss payment – later. Also, who maintains it.

Lots of other socials during the year, food for training etc. Anne picked up when nobody wanted to do it and put a lot of effort in to it.

This year’s party next sat. poor ticket sails, despite being cheaper, less formal (as requested) and including food, booze and good band.

Weekly email newsletters and FH articles – very time consuming to do week after week. Thanks to Michele for doing that so professionally

Biggest event is obviously the improvements in beach facilities. Started with blocks replacing tyres, continued with regular cleaning service right up to replacing the huts that had been there for 20 years. Huge effort from Wayne and Neels, giving us a facility to be proud of, and can already see more people hanging out there and giving life to the club. Presentation coming.

Overall, an excellent year for the club, and I think we are in a great position for someone else to lead us forward to new achievements.