AGM Minutes November 16, 2007

Officers Present : Richard Carrey, Steve Wallace, Joe Shieh, Tom Nunan, Michele Felder, Neels Brink, Kevin Lewis; total approx 25 members

Apologies: Wayne Smal, Vanetta Bertram-Glover

Meeting opened at approx 7:00pm at the DB Multi-purpose Room Residents Club, Discovery Bay


Reading and approval of Minutes from AGM 2006

Minutes were read and approved by a majority of members.

Commodore’s Report

  • Sailing vs paddling was a popular event
  • Novice training is very popular, but not many conversions to full-time members
  • Open Day is a good way to stay involved in the community and works to draw a lot of interest
  • Sunshine Island — picnic was popular, race around the island
  • Ladies Helm — well-organized by Cathy Lam who made badges and trophies and had around 10 boats participating
  • Dragon Boat Racing — run by the paddling section of the club; lots of training and best results in our history; need to determine whether we want to be serious competitors or more for fun
  • Regattas – -lots of participation at events around HK: Cheung Chau, HAC, ABC, RTIR
  • Some events didn’t go so well or get interest — Christmas Party, Rusty Helms, regatta with DBYC
  • Sponsorship — Lloyds TSB did a great job with our events, but will be pulling back in 2008; John Rempel did a great job in 2007 getting Air Canada and Enzo as sponsors -who are also interested in participating in 2008; Cost of regatta has gone up over the years from $40K to $200K, but all supported by sponsors to at least break-even.
  • Thanks: Kevin Lewis (safety cover for CCC and Regatta) and representative for Sailing Federation; Bo Fussing for race officer at CCC and regatta; Brian Phipps for helping us improve our skills.
  • Commodore can be head or heart-driven — need more heart: people with ideas that will continue to develop the club.

Paddling Report

Chairman of Paddling group – Joost – enjoy being at the club and on the beach. Looking forward to a good year of working together.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Started the year in negative position of $100K, but we will end the year with a positive balance of $25K, after paying Ah Wah.
  • Boat insurance rates have gone up in 2007, but club paid difference in short term. Bills for 2008 will add in the increase from 2007 and 2008.
  • Drinks and regatta are break-even in finances
  • 35 canoes/kayaks on the beach, only 18 are registered- need stickers to be affixed to registered boats.
  • Fees will stay the same for the coming year.

Beach Discussion: covers, unsailed boats, misc.canoes, ‘Sale Day’

Letters coming to LBC from Environmental Protection Dept warning us about covers filled with water and becoming mosquito breeding zone; Recommendation from Neels to replace all plastic covers with canvas covers-recommendation to set limit of 3 months to replace covers.

Concern about people who had recently purchased plastic covers

Fine from EPD recommended to be $10K; HKR is no longer getting involved all – sending notes

Proposal — Require all boats to replace their covers with a canvas material or remove them entirely before Feb 28, 2008– PASSED 23 to 1

Discussion about problem of having boats parked on the beach that don’t sail. Many ideas about how to manage, every one agreed it was hard to determine who had sailed and who had not.Focus on boats that don’t sail.Maybe break-down the boats and store them.

Proposal– Treasurer and beach master will identify a number of boats that are sailed least. When subscription renewals are sent out, we send a letter to each of those members to indicate they are no longer able to store their boats, due to space constraints and new members who want to join. They will be asked to remove or sell their boat. Passed with a majority.

Joint Operations of Paddling and Sailing

  • Erin- willing to help on the web site editing to add paddling
  • Need to include paddling members in the database for newsletters
  • Paddling group are interested in growing club, buying the equipment and OC6 boats that cost $100K; challenge of how to do that as part of LBC
  • Paddling club has been in some disarray for the past year; books are cleaned up and they know now who has paid.
  • Challenge of managing the finances of the 2 clubs – how do we combine the finances, when objectives are a bit different.
  • Proposal- that committees will work offline to determine a way to work together on the finances and further integrate.

Sailing Federation Representative

Kevin Lewis report – put a proposal to the HKSF for a catamaran instructor certificate; some conflicts at the council over past year – discussions about issuance of certificates and processes; Kevin made a proposal to the sailing federation about dingy certification.

Kevin Lewis was confirmed as the representative for LBC on the HKSF for the coming year.

2008 Officer Elections

  • Commodore : Tom Nunan
  • Rear Commodore: Richard Carrey
  • Treasurer : John Rempel
  • Secretary : Simon Ludlow & Erin Bowland
  • Vice Commodore Regatta : Steve Wallace
  • Vice Commodore Training : Al Doherty
  • Race Officer : Jimmy Shum & Jimmy Leung
  • Beach Master : Neels Brink/Piers /Ross
  • Social Secretary : Philippe Moriau
  • Paddling Rep: Joost & Kobi