Aug 31 Committee Minutes



August 31, 2011

A regular meeting of the Lantau Boat Club Committee was held at the Discovery Bay Residents Club on August 31, 2011. A quorum was established and the Commodore called the meeting to order at 19:40.

Members present:

Joe Shieh Commodore
Chris Fraser Secretary
Don Nettleton Treasurer
Christoph Merz Race Officer
James Branch Beachmaster
Andy Keith Social Secretary

Regrets: Chan Yu Ting Vice Commodore (Training)

1. Commodore’s address. The Commodore remarked that the main purpose of the meeting was to review and continue planning for the November regatta.

2. Approval of minutes. The Committee approved the minutes of the August 11 meeting.

3. Treasurer’s report. Reconciliation is up to date as of the end of August, and the club’s account balance is $529,000. With the Committee’s approval, the Treasurer made several emendations to the annual budget in light of the regatta sponsorship arrangements to date. The Committee budgeted $25,000 for a new website, and the Treasurer and Secretary will seek a refund of overpayment for the current website service.

4. Regatta planning. Seven sponsors have been lined up for the regatta. Air Canada will again be the title sponsor, under the terms of a five-year arrangement now in its concluding year. The Committee reviewed the content of the NOR and set the entry fee at HK$750 per two-person boat, $500 per single-handed boat for entries paid before 30 October 2011, $900 per two-person boat, $650 per single-handed boat, for later entries. The Commodore and Secretary will circulate the NOR by mid-Sept. This year’s regatta kit may include a pair of polo or rugby shirts, UV shirts, hats, and a dry bag.
Action: Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer

5. Membership cards. The Committee approved a plan to issue annual LBC membership cards with an expiration date of March 31 each year. The cards will entitle the bearer to a 20% discount at two local sponsors’ restaurants.
Action: Beachmaster

6. Website. The Secretary will hire a contractor to develop a new club website using Joomla 1.7. The Secretary and Race Officer will analyze the club’s needs and plan the content of the website.
Action: Secretary, Race Officer

7. Unpaid boats. An additional unpaid boat (#4211) has been removed from the beach and the hulls sold off. Two boats remain, one of which may be converted into a club boat.
Action: Beachmaster

8. Unsailed boats. The Secretary will write to the owners of several unsailed boats to encourage them to become active again.
Action: Secretary

9. Boat stickers. New stickers will be purchased and issued to all boats, including kayaks. Boats without a sticker will then be removed at a later date.
Action: Secretary, Beachmaster

10. Boat parking fees, point system, and participation. The Committee discussed approaches to identifying inactive members and encouraging them to sail more frequently. A point system tying parking fees to participation might be cumbersome or unfair to purely social sailors. The Committee will explore a sign-out, sign-in system for monitoring how frequently boats are sailed.

11. Sail shed. The Beachmaster will arrange a time for the Committee to clean out the sail shed, preferably with the assistance of the LIOCC.
Action: Beachmaster

12. LIOCC relations. The Secretary will arrange a time for several committee members to meet with LIOCC officers to discuss relations between the clubs and encourage the LIOCC to help keep the clubhouse clean.
Action: Secretary

13. Pool party. The Social Secretary will explore arrangements for a family pool party at RHKYC in October.
Action: Social Secretary

14. Beach maintenance. The Committee noted that the newly hired beach cleaners have been effective, as the parking area and clubhouse are much cleaner than in previous months. Since it is unnecessary to employ two teams of beach cleaners, the Beachmaster will end the employment arrangement with the previous cleaners.
Action: Social Secretary

15. Next meeting. The Committee will meet next at 19:30 on Wednesday, Sept 21, 2011, at the DBRC. The meeting adjourned at 22:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Fraser