AGM News

2012 AGM News

Our 2012 AGM was held February 25 at DBRC. Members present unanimously approved the proposed Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, and new Bylaws and voted to incorporate Lantau Boat Club as a company limited by guarantee.

The chief advantage of incorporation for the club is that it limits members’ liability to $100 per Full Member. It also enables the club to hire employees and take out bank loans, if needed, and it helps to ensure the club’s financial soundness by requiring that LBC undergo annual audits.

A new General Committee and Sailing Committee were also elected. The other motion of note approved at the AGM was a change to LBC’s boat parking bylaws. All boats taking up a parking space of any size on the beach must now pay the same annual parking fee and insurance fee, including small dinghies such as Lasers, Toppers, or Optimists.

Detailed minutes of the AGM are posted here.


Congratulations to the members of the new General Committee elected at the AGM. Starting April 1, the General Committee will include:

Commodore: Andy Keith
Vice Commodore: Alexandra Nitsch
Secretary: Chris Fraser
Treasurer: Don Nettleton
Beachmaster: James Branch and Martin Kidgell
LIOCC representative: Joost Ameye
LIRC representative: Bob Wilson
Sailing representative: James Ford


Under LBC’s new Articles, several posts that were previously part of the General Committee have been reorganized into a Sailing Committee devoted specifically to organizing sailing and sailing-related events. The sailing members at the AGM elected the following officers to the new Sailing Committee:

Sailing Chairperson: James Ford (Sailing Rep to General Committee)
Race Officer: Christoph Merz
Social Secretary: Julia Ford
Regatta Chairperson: Joe Shieh
Training Officer: Open


Membership and boat parking fees for 2012-13 are due this month, before the end of our membership year on March 31. A membership renewal notice will go out soon by email to all full members of the club.

Welcome and thanks

As outgoing Commodore, I welcome the new GC members, especially new Commodore Andy Keith and Vice Commodore Alex Nitsch. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to serve as commodore the past two years, and I take satisfaction in having contributed to the club’s growth. I will continue to help manage the club in the coming year as Regatta Chair. Best wishes to all!

— Joe Shieh, Commodore