Membership and Fees


Lantau Boat Club is open to all but is principally organised for members who live in Discovery Bay. Several forms of membership are available. Our membership period runs from 1 April to 31 March of the following year.

Update: Fees for 2017–2018 are as follows:

Fee Type Description Amount
Subscription Annual full membership $1000 (prorated quarterly)
Annual spouse/partner membership $500 (prorated quarterly)
Administration Annual administration fee $250
Sailboat Fee Annual catamaran/dinghy sailboat fee $2500
Small Sailboat Fee Stand-alone small sailboat (laser, topaz, topper etc) $1500
Canoe Rack Fee Annual canoe/kayak rack fee $500
Paddling fund Annual paddling activity fee (paddlers only) $2000 (prorated quarterly)
Rowing fund Annual rowing activity fee
(rowers only)
$1500 (prorated quarterly)
Joining fee One-time payment for new or lapsed members One additional annual subscription fee; additional $1000 for each paddling/rowing member

Annual fees are prorated quarterly for new members joining mid-year.

Members who own sailboats are also required to pay an annual insurance premium to insure their boat through the club’s group policy. The premium is either $1100 or 2.5% of amount insured, whichever is higher.


Visitors who reside in Hong Kong are welcome to accompany members using LBC facilities up to three times before being required to join the club. Friends of LBC who regularly crew, paddle, or row with us are expected to join the club as members.

How to Join

The LBC General Committee strongly recommends that prospective members attend one or two club events or come down to the beach on a weekend to meet members and learn about the club before applying for membership. To apply for membership, new members must find a proposer and a seconder. For more information, contact any club officer.

Ready to Join?

To request a membership application form or obtain more detailed membership information, please contact the Secretary (