Kayak Booking

We have four kayaks available for members’ use. Each member may book a kayak for no more than 4 hours per day (four one-hour blocks).

Rules and Restrictions

Please note the following rules and restrictions concerning use of the kayaks.

  • Kayaks are for members’ use only
  • Kayaks are stored on the left side of the sail hut and must be returned to their place after use
  • Users are required to wear a personal flotation device (PFD)
  • Users must provide their own paddles
  • Children may use kayaks only under parental supervision
  • Use of kayaks is at members’ own risk

Kayaks available

Four kayaks are available. The identification numbers are indicated on boat parking stickers on each kayak.

  • LBC 001: Blue and white sit-on-tip two-person kayak [Note: Under repair, please do not use for the time being.]
  • LBC 002: Blue and white sit-on-top triyak
  • LBC 003: Voyager one-person plastic kayak
  • LBC 004: Voyager one-person plastic kayak

Booking a kayak

Kayaks are booked through a Google Calendar. To reserve a kayak, log in to the calendar, choose from one to four hour-long blocks, and enter your name and the identification number of the kayak you wish to reserve.

For the calendar login information, please contact the Club Secretary (secretary@lantauboatclub.com//demosite-2/) in advance of the day you wish to book. (Once you have the login information, you may book a kayak at any time.)