Spring Series 3 Results

Herein lies a true account of Race 3 of our current Spring Series…. (at least as far as I can recall).

Firstly, it was great to see 12 boats rigged up in all their splendor on the beach. With another 3 boats on a private sail the club was a hive of colour and activity.

The race was an experiment in how a pursuit type format would be received by all and the post race feedback has been positive. Expect to see some more of this concept. The staggered start saw the Dart’s launch first, followed by the Hobie 16’s at T+ 1min 30 sec, Nacra 500 at T + 7 mins 15 sec and the F18’s at T + 16 mins 15 seconds. Thanks to Neels for counting us out.

The Darts sailed into a hole initially whilst trying to get out of the bay with the Hobie’s and the Nacra 500 following and seemingly getting the better of the wind. No race is complete without some form of controversy and Saturday’s race would not disappoint. With the F18’s preparing to launch the author’s boat, having been rigged (read sabotaged) by a third party, “conveniently” had the jib come off the hook 2 minutes before the start – retribution will be swift!

The fleet began to bunch after rounding Kau Yi Chau and then the chase was on. Tom and Gabriel were proving difficult to catch but the Commodore and Cindy showed a turn of speed under the spinnaker and reeled them in to take first place with Martin Watine and Thomas again showing their sailing pedigree to come home third, James Ford and Ed Wollaston fourth.
Clement Fracony helming a Hobie 16 impressed many as a future upcoming star (well done Clement) and worthy of a mention is the improvement of Matthieu and Flo on the Dart and Ansgar and Tomke on a Hobie 16. In addition, a warm welcome to Andy Perret who joins our fraternity with a long history of Cat sailing… please make him feel at home.

There is no racing next weekend however on Sunday 8th Jun is the LBC’s first “Swap Day” where sailors can take paddlers and rowers for a quick blast on their boats and convince them of the error of their ways. Start time is 11.00 am to be followed by a family BBQ at 13.00… wives / girlfriends / toyboys and children all welcome !

For those that are happy to demonstrate their boats, can you please be on the beach at 10.00 am for a safety briefing.

If you are attending could you please email Cindy atadmin@lantauboatclub.com//demosite-2/ so we can get an idea of numbers for catering purposes.

Warm regards,

Steve Devlin
Sailing Chair
Lantau Boat Club
Tel 95021667