July 1 Race Report

Sixteen boats in all ventured into the water yesterday, July 1, 2014, for our Establishment Day race. Well done all, and great to see some new faces.

James Ford set a cracker of a course which gave all some thought as to how they would attack the course with a wind that varies between dead calm and a 10 knot south easterly which was swinging a bit more to the east as the day progressed. Thanks James….. and well done yet again!


With 5 different classes racing the start splits were as follows:

Dart 18 T= 0
Hobie 16 T + 1minute 30 sec
Shadow T+7 mins 50 sec
F16 T+17mins 12 sec
F18 T+ 17min 30 sec

The start was uneventful…as in, nothing happened!

Most ventured about 50 meters into the bay and then stopped dead with no wind. Somehow Tom and Gabriel got a puff of wind and next thing they were out of eyesight with the rest still wallowing in the bay. Clearly they won!

1st H16 Tom and Gabriel
2nd H16 Clara and Adam
3rd H16 Benny and Jo
4th H16 Gilles and Martin (well done young man! )
5th F18 James and Aaron

So ends this race report.



Now for an irreverent look at the day’s event.

The start was a debacle!

Jo and Lori were busy talking marina exploits and missed their start. Meanwhile Andy Keith was becalmed on the shadow with bows pointing to the sky like a rocket waiting to launch! James Ford’s gyro toppled as he initially sailed parallel to the beach and scared all the swimmers, and lets not forget James Branch and Cindy who decided to test the laws of physics and deploy their spinnaker…upwind!

On the upwind run we got some good puffs of wind and pushed through a bit of wind swell as the fleet ventured south of Peng Chau. This was not what Cindy ordered for the day after a big night kicking up her heels and so the fish were fed (know what I mean?).

Datum rock served as the top mark. In the post race debrief JB claims he was only 25m behind the “FLASH” (Steve D. and Andy Perret) We are not quite sure how he holds a pilot license with such defective eyesight.

Steve and Andy figured they had enough of a lead on the other F18’s and adequate time for an “on water mast inspection”….. clearly they were wrong…. and eventually had to cut their spinnaker loose and as a result sailed the remainder of the race as an overweight Hobie 16. James and Cindy’s spinnaker fouled and so now the fleet had 2 overweight H16’s. Cindy didn’t seem to mind the resultant reduced speed as it gave her time to push her stomach back down to where is normally resides.

Sui Kau Yi Chau served as the bottom turning mark and Valarie and Clement were smoking along , even overtaking an F18 under spinnaker, but in true Gallic fashion decided to then raise the white flag and protest each other….sacré bleu!

Steve and Tim Metz got caught in the lee of the Island and sat watching others go past. Steve and Andy yelled ” come this way!” and then had to fight not to be overtaken by the ever improving father and son team on the Dart….which proves the old saying “never miss and opportunity to keep your mouth shut!”

Well raced Steve/Tim.

On the downwind leg thru the back of Peng Chau John and Cathy flew the F16 and got to within a meter of JB and the ever improving Cindy (healthwise) only for some more skullduggery…. I await the report. The wind seemed to accelerate between Peng Chau and Lantau which caught out Mike and Graeme who also did an “on water mast inspection”
The run into the bay to the finish with little wind again tested the patience of many and cussing in a language thought to be French could be heard ! Unperturbed, Jo and Lori decided a rest was in order and beached the boat.

So ends this irreverent report…..thank you one and all for a great day.

Our “Summer Series” begins on the 13th July. Yes, it is on a Sunday so as to promote more of our local sailors to get out and race as many of them work on Saturdays.

See you all there!

Steve Devlin
Sailing Chair