Race Report…and Other Musings

Ahoy LBC Sailors,

Firstly, I should like to introduce Jukka Ranta, Nicolas Tsang and Johnnie Yuen who have joined the LBC as active sailing members….. all sailing Hobie 16’s. Please make them feel welcome to the club and offer any assistance when you are able.

Also, I want to welcome Vince and Phil who sailed with us for the first time crewing for Jukka and James Branch respectively.

Welcome gents, we hope you enjoy the club and look forward to you becoming active members

Now, as some of us had to WORK this “2nd Hand” report is brought to you by various unnamed participants who thought if they contributed then they may be able to get “good press” …….


Yesterday was Race 1 of our Sunday Summer Series and light winds were the order of the day.
In all we had 9 entries racing on the course # 1


各位 LBC 船友:

首先,讓我介紹幾位加入我們俱樂部的新會員:Jukka Ranta, Nicolas Tsang, 及Johnnie Yuen,他們十分積極踴躍,都是玩 Hobie 16 的朋友。讓我們熱烈歡迎他們加入我們的俱樂部,並在力所能及的情況下給予他們指導和幫助。

另外,我還要歡迎 Vince 和 Phil,他們首次參加我們的船賽,分別與 Jukka 和 James Branch 搭檔玩船。先生們,歡迎你們!希望你們喜歡我們的俱樂部,並期望你們早日成為活躍的會員。




Yet again the winds tested the patience of the fleet with many idle for periods whilst trying to get out of the bay.

Once outside the blanketed area then various tactics were employed often resulting in trading a substantial increase in distance sailed for boat speed.

Regardless of the chosen route the crawl south was tedious….for some more than others.

Crew weight (or the lack there of) was an advantage in the light winds, with James Branch doing a quick calculation that his crew weight was heavier than Steve and Jade’s entire boat!

As can be seen from the results below, Peter made good use of going solo and raced well for a third…..congratulations mate and well done.

Clearly the start splits need refining and we shall be putting some work into that before the next race.

不過,微風磨練了各船隊員的意志和技能。從沙灘啟航後,他們花了很多時間才得以駛出太白灣。一旦來到開闊區域,各位船員使出渾身解數提速,當然結果也是立竿見影,船與船之間立刻拉開了距離。但不論選擇哪條航行路線,南向的航行無一例外地無聊至極!有些人恐怕感觸更深,呵呵。船員體重(或者說船員體態輕盈)在微風條件下凸顯優勢。據 James Branch 速算結果表示,他的船員體重明顯超過 Steve 和 Jade 的整條船重!從下面的賽事結果可以看到,Peter 單人賽的戰績喜人,獲得了第三的好成績,祝賀你朋友,好樣的!當然,比賽出發的計時工作有待調整,我們將會在下一次的比賽中優化改進。


1st Gabriel and Cindy (H16)
2nd James and Phil (F18)
3rd Peter (Dart solo)
4th Steve and Jade (F16)
5th Andy and Robert (H16)

There is but one award to bestow this week, and harsh as it may seem as it is their first race but the “SUBMARINE AWARD” goes to Jukka and Vince for attempting to leave the beach with the bungs missing ! (they wont do that again)


Well done boys !

Looking forward there are a number of race regatta’s on the horizon. As such we shall soon be hiring a boat to administer the starts in an “around the buoys” race format so as to get you all back into the swing of things before the regatta’s begin in earnest.

本週首輪比賽選拔條件苛刻,只設一枚單項獎。首輪戰罷,Jukka 和 Vince 成功摘取了這枚“潛水艇大獎” —— 他們忘記擰上船尾塞就匆匆離岸!(我相信他們再也不敢這麼馬虎了)

哥們兒,悠著點! 展望未來,目前還有一些賽程在即,所以我們需要儘快租條汽艇船來負責賽事的出發和安置浮球標等重要工作。在此,也希望各位船友在本次熱身賽後儘快進入狀態,為“繞浮標賽”做好充分準備。