Team Francony Bashes the Rash

LBC’s father-son Hobie 16 team of Gilles and Clement Francony dashed around the annual DBYC Doc’s Rash course to bash all our other catamarans on handicap, edging out three veteran F18 and F16 teams.

Gilles & Clement prepare for the start.
Gilles & Clement prepare for the start.

This year’s Rash was sailed in light conditions on a stunningly sunny day around Doc’s traditional figure-8 course, starting by the DB Marina, rounding an upwind mark, then weaving back by Disney to Pun Shan Shek by the Western Anchorage, then around Kau Yi Chau, back around Peng Chau, and finishing by Sunshine Island.

Six LBC teams lined up to start at 12:35, including Gilles and Clement on a Hobie 16 with brand new technicolor sails, Chris Fraser and James Ford on Nacra Infusion F18 #1600, Doris Hung and Christoph Grebe on Nacra Infusion F18 #1487, Steve and Jade Wallace on Nacra F16 #32, Justin Reynolds and Heidi on Hobie Tiger F18 2093, and David Hopgood and Phil Balmer on Hurricane 5.9 394.

As always, the small catamaran class had the last start and had to thread their way around the yachts.

Winds were light but steady from the southeast, with variable conditions all over the course, from heavy current and chop to tricky wind shadows cast by the islands and the many large container ships.

The F18 team of Chris Fraser and James Ford on Nacra Infusion 1600 took line honors after a long duel for the lead with Doris Hung and Christoph Grebe on Nacra Infusion 1487. Steve and Jade Wallace on Nacra F16 32 came on strong over the last fifth of the course to nip Doris and Christoph at the line but on handicap were just a hair behind Chris and James.

The only Hobie 16 team, Gilles and Clement sailed without immediate competitors to race but stayed close enough to the formula boats to win on handicap.

The Pun Shan Shek rounding was a decisive point for the two leading F18s. Chris and James on 1600 rounded slightly in the lead and tacked west to capitalize on the wind funnel west of Kau Yi Chau, while Doris and Christoph continued east, gambling that the wind shadows from ships in the anchorage wouldn’t hurt them too much. The gamble paid off when the strong westward current north of Kau Yi Chau put 1487 solidly in the lead.

The catamaran fleet at the start.
The catamaran fleet at the start.

On the long downwind leg toward Peng Chau, 1600 made up lost ground and then retook the lead when 1487 capsized in a sudden wind shift. Meanwhile, 32 found a sudden burst of power, charged through the Peng Chau channel and nearly caught 1600, who’d forgotten where the finish line was and went for a brief detour before heading for the line.

All the while, a colorful Hobie sail was gliding along from Peng Chau to Sunshine Island to cross well within the needed margin for first place on corrected time. Congrats, kudos, and glory to Team Francony!

Autumn Series 2014 — Doc’s Dash Results

13 September 2014 at 12.35

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Finish time, Time: 12.35
Rank Fleet Boat Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName SCHRS Start Finish Elapsed Corrected Points
1     Hobie 16 109636   Gilles Francony Clement Francony 1.197 12.35 14.41.08 2.06.08 1.45.22 1.0
2   True Blue F18 1600   Chris Fraser James Ford 1 12.35 14.21.09 1.46.09 1.46.09 2.0
3     F16 32   Jade Wallace Steve Wallace 1.002 12.35 14.21.23 1.46.23 1.46.10 3.0
4     F18 1487   Doris Hung Christoph Grebe 1 12.35 14.21.28 1.46.28 1.46.28 4.0
5   Bouji’s F18 2093   Justin Reynolds Heidi 1 12.35 14.35.04 2.00.04 2.00.04 5.0
6     Hurricane 5.9 SX 394   David Hopgood Phil Balmer 1.02 12.35 14.50.13 2.15.13 2.12.34 6.0

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Doc's Dash Course 2014
Doc’s Dash Course 2014