DBYC Regatta Report

 DBYC Regatta

Big thanks go to Chris and Jacki Hammond for organising the event, DBYC Webdoc James Oliver and number cruncher Ken Wiltshire for a great day of racing and “refreshments” after the event.

The course was a figure 8 starting just south of the DB Marina wall and took Datum Rock, Sui Kau Yi Chau and Peng Chau to Port and then Sunshine and Hei Ling Chau to Stb with a finish in the same vicinity of the start…..roughly 17 nautical miles as a straight line track. With the wind blowing at around 8 – 10 kts from the South it was a close reach on the first leg, unusual for us but always a challenging point of sail. Tom Nunan won the start with Scanto second and the author a close third. The Viper was smoking and was baffling me how he was pointing so much higher than the Nacra f18…..surely it had nothing to do with the 40 kg difference in crew weight…..ok ok I get it ! There was the inevitable wind shadow behind Sui Kau Yi Chau and Peng Chau which caught a few and the current running south against the wind got some lumpy swells happening on the march to Sunshine Island Good battle for the line honours and also between 3rd/4th with the front runners swapping position approx 5 times throughout the race.


  1. Nunan/Kicks (Goodall Viper)
  2. Scantlebury/Harris (Hobie Wildcat)
  3. Devlin/Grebe (Nacra F18)
  4. Branch /Kidgell (AHPC C2)
  5. Kieth/Chung (Nacra F16)
  6. Stielberg/Stielberg (Hobie 16)
  7. Shue/Nunan (Hobie 16)
  8. Mikalis/ Guest (Hobie Tiger)

Clearly Tom and Gabriel are going to be a force to be reckoned with on this new boat….time we all got out and did some training !
(Race times to follow)

Sailing Chair