Doc’s Dash 2015

The wind didn’t have a clue what it was doing but the tide certainly did, ripping thru the gap near the Monastery where the start line was to be located. With flags on the Committee boat flying on a southerly at barely 5 knots, yet the boat pointing to North with the effect of the tide on the keel it was always going to be a difficult start……… and then with 2 minutes to go the wind dropped to about 2 knots.

Steve Devlin and James Betts won the start as others were stuck below the line with only the tide to get them there.  A short upwind run to the top mark and then a kite run to pass Peng Chau to Starboard only for another massive hole of no wind lasting around 10 minutes until the southerly decided to return. The bottom mark was the lighted rock halfway between the Disney Resort rock wall and the Tsing Ma bridge.

The current (around 2 knots flowing flowing South) against the wind (now around 10-12 knots from the South) had the swell standing up on the run to pass Kau Yi Chau to Starboard and made for a tough passage until south of the island when the seas smoothed out. The next mark was to pass Datum Rock to Starboard then Peng Chau top Port then to the finish line.
Thrown into the mix was an unforecast thunderstorm and it was pleasing to see all competitors safely back on the beach and knocking back some amber refreshments.

Prize giving and after party were held at the Bilge Bar. It is great to see the LBC and DBYC getting together for these events and much thanks goes to Doc Oliver and all the organisers.
Well done to Benny Chan who sailed a magnificent race to win on handicap.

Results are final as of 9pm on 8 September 2015.

Position Sail # Helm/Crew Time Corrected
1 112179 Benny 2:03:54 1:43:36
2 1487 Steve/James 1:45:01 1:45:01
3 344 Tom/Gabriel 1:45:49 1:45:30
4 109636 Gilles/Valerie 2:06:30 1:45:46
5 44 James/Clement 2:02:00 2:01:38
6 732 Mike/Jo 2:33:11 2:05:27
7 Stefan/Justin Retired  
7 1487 Steve/Tim DNS