Blood Red Hong Kong F18 Class Championships March 2016


The LBC will be sponsoring the Formula Class Regatta, to be help just outside of Peng Chau March 12-13, 2016

Open to all Beach catamarans with a SCHRS rating between 0.95 and 1.05

Questions? Please contact Steve Devlin

HKF18 championships 2016

Updated Entry list current as at 20 Feb 2016

F18 Mike Scantelbury/David Harris
F18 Steve Devlin/Sam Frank
F18 David Hopgood / Martin Watine
F18 Aaron Metz / Iain Short
F18 Jakob Michelis/ Noel Savory
F18 Peter Davies / Kwan Wong Kwong

F16 Tom Nunan / Gabriel Kicks
F16 Andy Kieth/James Ford
F16 Steve Metz/Tim Metz

N17 Mick Guinea/Jarrod Cooke

Entry list for training session 10am Friday
F18 Mike Scantlebury/David Harris
F18 David Hopgood /TBA
F16 Tom Nunan / Gabriel Kicks
F16 Steve Metz/Tim Metz