Blood Red Hong Kong F18 Class Championships a Success!


F Class Regatta…. March 12/13

Brrrrrr !
Saturday morning was cold and a wind blowing from the east at 13 kts. Marc Holm and Doris Hung laid the course with the top mark to the north of Sui Kau Yi Chau which ensured we got good pressure. 5 Races saw some tight competition between Mike Scantlebury / David Harris, visiting sailors Mick Guinea/Jarrod Cook , Peter Davies / Kwong Kwan Wong and Steve Devlin/Sam Frank.

Tom Nunan and Gabriel Kicks made an appearance only to limp back to the beach with another broken boat after using his spinnaker pole in a jousting manoeuvre with Peter Davies, effectively ending their weekend early. Meanwhile Jakob and Noel attempted much the same with the rock wall off the Disney Resort …. fortunately without any damage.

Sunday saw much the same temps and wind direction but the pressure was fast losing any puff. Steve and Sam’s deliberate capsize to free the spinnaker halyard put them over the line in 4th on race 6 and would eventually cost them dearly. David Hopgood and Martine Watine sailed a great regatta and should be well pleased with their performance along with Steve and Tim Metz who got on top of Andy Kieth and James Ford on the F16. Aaron Metz and Iain Short had some fun and all in all a great weekend.

I would like to thank again all the volunteers for their generous support , without whom the event could not happen, but with a special mention to Doris Hung, Stefan Estlinbaum and Marc Holm. Thanks also go to Blood Red and Zaks for sponsoring the event and a well deserved congrats to Scanto and David.

Final Results HKG F18 Championships

  1. Scantlebury/Harris 1st (10 pts)
  2. Devlin/Frank 2nd (10 pts)
  3. Davies / Wong 3rd (20 pts)
  4. Hopgood/Watine 4th (28pts)
  5. Metz/Short 5th (33 pts)
  6. Mikalis/Savory 6th (48 pts)

Final Results F Class Regatta

  1. Guinea / Cook 1st (9 pts)
  2. Devlin/Frank 2nd (14 pts)
  3. Scantlebury/Harris 3rd (16 pts)
  4. Davies / Wong 4th (26 pts)
  5. Hopgood/Watine 5th (35 pts)
  6. Metz / Short 6th (43 pts)
  7. Metz / Metz 7th (56 pts)
  8. Keith / Ford 8th (61pts)
  9. Mikalis/Savory 9th (75 pts)
  10. Nunan / Kicks 10th (77 pts)