61st Head of the Bay Regatta

Our LBC crews achieved very respectable results at the 61st Head of the Bay, held on 16 April at Middle Island.

Tess and Agata finished 2nd in the WC2X category. On the water they were the fastest crew, however, the lack of steering experience and poorly visible buoys made them lose the first place.

HOB Liam & Andrea

In the MC2X category, Liam and I arrived 2nd at only 27” behind the HKU crew (20 years younger). We were the only two crews to row the distance below 24’. The rowers coming in 3rd were far behind us, by 1’10”.

Allan and Benoit did well with their double, arriving 5th, beating 3 RHKYC crews.

Liam and I also competed in the MC1X race, finishing respectively 2nd and 3rd (after crashing into each other …), beaten by a young university rower.

The day continued with a nice lunch and a relaxing sail back to DB, courtesy of Richard and Tess. 

Words: Andrea Tommasi – Rowing Vice-Chair