Lantau Classic – Rowing Races

9th October – Lantau Classic


Thanks, again, to the paddling section for inviting LBC and RHKYC rowers to take part in this impeccably organised day of racing.

Rowers took part in the morning event around Peng Chau, a 9 km course, starting races about 10 minutes after the outriggers as we wanted to avoid traffic jams in some key areas. Conditions were rough, but nothing that could scare coastal rowers!

lantau-classic-andrea We organized races in several categories: WC2X, MC2X, M4X+, W4X+, Mix C2X, MC1X – all run smoothly thanks to the effort of all participants.

WC2x winners were Cordula and Michelle from RHKYC in 58’57”. The MC2x was won by Sarit and Kushantha in 54’42”. The M4x+ was won by Allan, Sarit, Benoit and Bernard Chow, coxed by Kushantha Jeerasinghe in 53’22” and the W4x+ was won by Tess, Estelle, Marina and Linda Heaton, coxed by Zoe in 1h 2’39”. The Mixed C2x was won by new member Kirsty Moran and Andrea in 57”57’ and the MC1x by Andrea in 55”36’.




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Report: Andrea Tommasi – Rowing Vice Chair