LBC December Newsletter

7th December 2016

Lantau Boat Club Newsletter December 2016

The Christmas and end of year season is well and truly upon us now and many will be caught up in the hectic circuit of work and social functions, shopping and dining! While boating activities are easily pushed to one side at this time of year, Paddling, Rowing and Sailing are excellent ways of working off those extra calories and taking a break from the seasonal stresses with some quality relaxation time on the water! At the LBC, the AGM is now past and we have a new Committee in place. While a quieter time of year for us, each of the sporting sections have organized events throughout the Christmas/New Year period, details of which are available on our website. We look forward to seeing you out there!


AGM and New Committee

The AGM and Party were held on Friday 18th November, and we saw an excellent turn-out of members from all sections. The new General Committee (GC) was voted in and it was very encouraging to see that all positions are now filled! Commodore Marc Holm continues to lead the team, with Tom Nunan taking the post of Vice-Commodore. David Hopgood has in turn taken over the role of Sailing Chair. We would like to welcome Tristan Fischer to GC, who has taken over the position of Beachmaster. Tristan is new to the Club this year, and I’m sure we’ll all give him our support in this important post. We would also like to welcome Han Nguyen into the role of Dep-Secretary, and James Ford as the Dep-Beachmaster. Anthony Said remains in the role of Dep-Treasurer. The Committee would also like to say thank you to Steve Devlin for his time on the GC both as Vice-Commodore and Sailing Chair. While Steve has chosen to step down from the Committee, he will continue to be influential on the Sailing side!

Your General Committee is as follows. Please also note that the Rowing and Paddling sections will hold their separate AGMs over the next couple of months, where the Chair and Vice-chair posts will be voted on.

General Committee            Postholder 

Commodore:                     Marc Leslie HOLM            Vice Commodore:             Tom NUNAN                         Secretary:                           Ross TAYLOR                         Treasurer:                          Ulrike WECKLER                     Beachmaster:                    Tristan FISCHER                                                                                                                            Deputy Position             Postholder               

Dep-Secretary                      Han NGUYEN

Dep-Treasurer:                    Anthony SAID

Dep-Beachmaster:              James FORD

 Admin Coordinator Position Vacant                     By now, many of you will have noticed that we are advertising for the job vacancy of LBC Administrative Coordinator, a part-time/casual position held in the past by Cindy Chung. Cindy’s full time work schedule has changed significantly over the last year, and as such, she is no longer able to continue to assist the Committee in her Admin Coordinator role. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cindy for her immense effort and assistance that she’s provided to the Club over the past 5 years. Cindy will of course still be seen around the Club as an active sailing member.

Briefly, the role of the Admin Coordinator is to provide administrative support to the General Committee and in particular to support the Club Secretary, Treasurer and Commodore in the effective and efficient management of the Club’s operations. The position is part-time/casual, and will require approx 3-5hrs per week commitment subject to club activity. Remuneration is detailed in the full job description, which has been forwarded to all members. Should you like a copy, interested in the position or know someone who might be interested, please let me know (


Clubhouse Clean-up Day: This Sat 10th Dec 10.00am

A large rubbish skip has been ordered for this Saturday 10th Dec at 10am for a general clean-up of the Clubhouse and environs. This is a great opportunity for all members to clean out any rubbish that has accumulated around your boats, racks, clubhouse or sail shed. If you’re free on Saturday, please turn up at the Clubhouse by 10am. Please bring gloves to protect your hands, and any large sawing/cutting tools you may have as we will be disposing of some unused boats on the day that will require cutting up.

Clubhouse Lockers and Shelves

You may have noticed that the new lockers have arrived in the clubhouse. They are temporarily positioned on some chairs, but we hope to have them securely fastened to the wall once some space is cleared. A reminder that if you are intending using the lockers, a $10 returnable coin is required to release the key. You may have also noticed that the current shelving is starting to suffer from the rigors of the harsh salty, moist environment- rust and corrosion. As a result, the Committee is currently obtaining quotes to replace the shelving with corrosion resistant alternatives.

Once again, wishing you all a safe, happy and relaxing Christmas and New Year, and we look forward to seeing you all  on the water!


Ross Taylor


On behalf of the General Committee, LBC