Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championship – March 4th and 5th.

Estelle, Marianne, Kirsty and Rachel represented LBC at the HK Indoor Rowing Championship. The Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championships is the HKCRA’s biggest Annual Indoor rowing event.

Estelle shared her experience with us:

When a team of 3 experienced and highly fit ladies (we live in DB, hike, run, swim, row) asked me to join them in their team of 4 for the indoor rowing championships on March 5th, I thought this would be a piece of cake.  Each of us only needed to row for 500m only before swapping with our team mates. On the water a 500 m sprint was tough, but manageable.

With one hour session in the gym a few days before, having accomplished the changeover on the rowing machine down to a fine art, we thought we would be in good stead.   We couldn’t have been more wrong.  On the day of the race the atmosphere was heated and the competition looked strong.   With a team of young energetic 25 year-olds to one side of us and the firemen’s team to the other we were definitely out of our league.   We gave it all we had leaving each of us without the energy to speak or move at the end of each 500m spirit.   It definitely was one of the most painful 2 minutes of exercise I have ever done.

But with a respectable 14th place out of 20 teams we were pleased to have participated and put LBC on the board.  From now on I shall certainly appreciate the water running by and the wind in my face when rowing out in the sea.