The Excelsior 1st Harbour Rowing Regatta

Thanks to Estelle, Zoe, Marianne, Kirsty, Tess, Marina, and Bernard, LBC was a part of the first harbour rowing regatta to be held after 50 years.

When The Excelsior 1st Harbour Rowing Regatta was announced less than a month ago, many of us were excited by the opportunity to row, and race, in the historic Victoria Harbour. Jointly organized by the RHKYC and HK Coastal Rowing Association, there were 8 categories of races, that attracted the attention of rowers from across Hong Kong, whether veterans and novices. There were over 200 participants from 7 universities, 3 university alumni clubs, 3 local and 1 mainland community club, 4 secondary schools, 2 youth development programs.

Our club had 3 crews taking part – 1 Women’s Open Doubles, and 2 Women’s Master’s Doubles. One of our rowers also paired up with a rower from RHKYC, for the Men’s Open Doubles. The cold, windy, wet weather of the preceding days did not keep our rowers from their daily practice!

Saturday morning was even more blustery, but Zoe and Estelle were up and early to the races. The day started well with a win for the twins against the EDU HK rowers, but Bernard had a rough outing. The next race for Zoe and Estelle was hampered by an unfamiliar rigger set-up on the boat, which also affected Tess and Marina. Marianne and Kirsty had a good row, but could not beat their competitors either.

Apart from the rowers, LBC members also turned up in some strength. The Yacht Club offers a beautiful view of the harbour, and it was a pleasure to see our club members out on the water, amidst all the water traffic.

The heavy wind and waves challenged the rowers, severely testing their ability to stay on course. We asked Estelle to share her thoughts after the Regatta:

“As soon as I read there would be a regatta in Hong Kong Harbour I wanted to take part.  I have motored, sailed, cruised and swam the harbour, but rowing was something else more unique and I was desperate to have this opportunity.   Especially to help the promotion in the run up to the 2019 World Coastal Championships to happen in HK.

Rowing out of the typhoon shelter in Causeway Bay into the harbour in front of Kellet Island, with an obstructive view of the HKCEC and Kowloon side, was magical.   But no time to admire the view as with the waves, current and wind, it was definitely a more challenging race and you had to be careful not to be blown off course at the start.   It was definitely excellent navigational skills that was the key to being ahead of the rest. The turn also helped, but as long as you had the right aim for the buoy and rowing together well, the turn was just the icing on the cake”- Estelle