Head of the Bay (2017)

The 62nd Head of the Bay was held on April 22nd at Middle Island. This event is unique in Hong Kong as it is held on an open water course, where rowers face new challenges from the water conditions and also difficult navigation. Twelve teams took part this year.

Congratulations to both the LBC women’s teams, winning gold in their respective events!!

  1. Women’s Coastal 2X – Tess Dolk & Rachel Humphreys
  2. Women’s Coastal 4X – Estelle Davies, Grace Ingal, Kirsty Moran and Marianne Kolding, coxed by Sarit Wijeyekoon

Tess Dolk partnered with took first-time racer Rachel Humphreys. She just couldn’t say no when asked to race, even with just days to go for the event. She shared her race experience with us:

Do you say no if someone ask you to do a race?Rachel Humphreys started rowing last October. She is fit, eager to learn and willing to practice. I shared my little knowledge of racing  and told her where you might/could go wrong. Very often in our eagerness to go fast we do a high rating,too fast on the slide and no time to finish the stroke. We did not have to worry about the start as it was a running start.
My fear was steering as last year I couldn’t find the buoy and  my line was terrible. Obviously always go to the briefing as it it useful e.g. what do the buoys look like ( last year I saw 4 different ones near the swimming area).
We were lucky with the weather, the heavy rain had stopped, no gusts of wind, calm water. Once started, I noticed the slow steady stroke from Rachel and decided to use it and be able to look behind me searching the right line. We had practiced going around buoys, therefore we were within our comfort zone. As it was Rachel’s first race, I wanted it to be good and felt the urge to say words to keep her, as well as myself, going. I must’ve chatted all the way I’m afraid..!
Once you have done the furthest buoy you want to go home and that is where tiredness kicks in. As Rachel could see the other 2 boats still with similar distance from us she kept the same rating all the way back. In the channel we almost bumped into two singles who just started the race but we managed to go neatly between them and with a last little sprint we made it!
Super proud of my new racing partner! ( who really didn’t complain about my chatting…..perhaps she was out of breath?…….)
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