TODA Masters 2017

LBC rowers went in strength to the Toda International Masters Regatta this year.We partnered with RHKYC rowers to participate in 2 Women’s Doubles, 2 Women’s Quads and a Mixed Quad. Our 5 rowers returned with 11 medals between them! Congratulations to LBC rowers Marina Ros and Tess Dolk, Mary Dowd, Bernard Chow, and Allan Ball!!

Mary, Marina and Tess write about their experience in Toda:

As fairly new rowers from Lantau Boat Club ,we were very excited to join our first international regatta experience abroad. We are very grateful for the Royal Hong Kong Yacht club who took us under their wing by including us for training and coordinating the whole event. As coastal rowers we were coached how to row effectively in fine boats in Sha Tin under supervision of Toby Cheng and Keith Cheung. That was an experience in itself as we had enormous strong winds and waves every time we had our practice ……..but we kept our hopes up and worked harder each time. On Thursday the 4th of May, five of us boarded the plane to Tokyo full of excitement!  We landed as scheduled and began our further travel by train to Toda 

The Toda rowing course is surrounded by boathouses and we (as part of RHKYC) were very lucky to have the perfect spot right in front of the finish line.  We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and positive atmosphere throughout the 3 days of the event.  In addition, lovely weather, hot sun and a gentle breeze added to our enjoyable time in Japan. The race experience as short as it may sound (1000 meters only), but felt like the longest distance ever when your heart is racing, a dry mouth and tired legs. We never thought that 5 minutes wait at the start could feel like hours.  The moment the flag was raised and attention was called for, you would expect a loud “GO!!!!!” but all we ever heard was a timid short “go”.

As soon as a race starts loads of people run and/or bike along the river, cheering loudly in all different languages.  When we were racing we experienced this as an enormous boost to give it all we had. We also made a few new rowing friends from other countries.

The end result speaks for itself!

Five LBC members entered 16 races.

We returned home with a total of 11 gold medals.

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