Bart’s Bash 2017


Name Skipper Boat SN Start Finish ET HKPN/PY* CT Pos
 Viper Tom Nunan Goodall Viper F16 344 12:30.00 14:12.33 1:42.33 705* 2:19.51 1
Speedy Gonzales S Hengstman Beneteau F 7.5 7501 12:05.00 14:57.12 2:52.12 1148 2:30.00 2
Mike Skea F18 317 12:30.00 14:19.30 1:49:30 693* 2:38.00 3
Giles Francony F16 44 12:30.00 14:21.18 1:51.18 697* 2:38.12 4
Legs 11 Nik VDL Adams 11.9 2336 12:05.00 14:42.54 2:37.54 944 2:47.16 5
David Clacher F18 1981 12:30.00 14:27.59 1:57.59 693* 2:50.15 6
James Branch F18 300 12:30.00 14:28.26 1:58.26 693* 2:50.53 7
Lola Neale Nowosads Oceanis 45 141369 12:05.00 14:57.11 2:52.11 1006 2:51.09 8
Dave Hopgood F18 1854 12:30.00 14:30.25 2:00.25 693* 2:53.46 9
Aegean James Oliver Oceanis 400 2091 12:05.00 14:53.32 2:48.32 971 2:53.49 10
Zhulu Lindsay Pickles Bavaria Vision 46 2281 12:05.00 15:13.58 3:08.58 1029 3:03.39 11
JJ Wang F18 1909 12:30.00 14:54.11 2:24.11 693* 3:28.03 12


*Note:  PY Equivalents from the SCHRS PY Lookalikes as published May 2017

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A big thank you to all who participated in the latest Bart’s Bash. Despite the recent typhoon causing notable damage to the beach and a number of boats, we had a reasonable turnout this year.


by Race Officer Simon Ludlow of the DB Yacht Club.

Bart’s Bash 2017

With Typhoons skirting Hong Kong to both the North and South, the wind was going to be difficult for this year’s Bart’s Bash. But on the day, Hong Kong was between them and in an area of high pressure – which meant little wind.  Five yachts and seven beach cats set off in about 8 knots of wind from the North West on a nine mile course which rounded Peng Chau, followed by a windward/leeward leg round Si Kai Yi Chau and Datum Rock, before heading back to the joint start/finish line to the South of the marina.

The wind shifted significantly just before the race started and all the yachts made the windward mark on one beat, hoisting spinnakers as they rounded.  The beach cats didn’t have it so easy and some needed to tacks on the short leg.  The beat to Si Kai Yi Chau was fast, but then the wind became much more broken, with gusts and lulls making the race a real challenge on the downwind leg to Datum Rock.   Several boats became lulled for some time allowing the lucky ones who happened to be in the wind to gain, or get ahead.  The fluky conditions persisted for the windward/leeward leg around Si Kai Yi Chau and back to Datum Rock; and by the time the lead boats reached the bottom mark the sea breeze had set in and they found themselves sailing into wind on what was supposed to be the downwind leg.

The point of sail for the finishing boats depended on what time they reached the line. All the beach cats made it across the finish line before the sea breeze with Tom and Kyler Nunan taking line honours and first cat place, with Mike Skea and Gilles Francony coming second.  But the breeze came in so rapidly that the lead yacht, Legs 11 was sailing close hauled, but just half a mile to the South, the next yachts were sailing downwind.  For the yachts, getting ahead of the breeze was the key.  However, on handicap, it was Stephan Hengstmann in Speedy Gonzales who took first yacht place on handicap with Nik Von der Luhue on Legs taking second and Neale Novosads on Lola taking third.  Overall, the Nunans took first, Speedy Gonzales second, and in a quirk of fate due to the F18s having a better Portsmouth Yardstick Rating than other cats, Mike Skea took third place.

A prize-giving ceremony and the lucky draw took place on Tai Pak Beach at the LBC premises where Stephan Eslinbaum provided a German BBQ.  A total of $6192 was raised for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation and Sailability Hong Kong.  This year, all proceeds are going to be used to replace equipment damaged by this year’s tropical storms; hurricane Irma in the Caribbean and typhoon Hato here in Hong Kong.


Bart’s Bash is back in 2017, planned for Sunday 17th September as a single event run in conjunction with DBYC.

Online registration is now available only through the Bart’s Bash website, The LBC event page for Bart’s Bash for registration can be found here:-

This is one of the biggest events of the entire year! Join us. Questions? email to David Hopgood

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The Bart’s Bash is a multi-club worldwide sailing event which in 2014 broke the record for the largest sailing event in history with 9.484 boats participating. This year will mark the fourth annual event and participants will not only be competing against boats in their own club, but against thousands around the globe with the world results being posted after the race. Discovery bay Yacht Club and the Lantau Boat Club will hold a joint event which will take place in the waters to the East of Lantau. The aim of the event is to raise money for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation and Sailability Hong Kong.
The Andrew Simpson Foundation is named in memory Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, an Olympic Gold Medallist sailor who tragically lost his life while training for the 2013 America’s Cup. During his life, Bart was enthusiastic about raising awareness of sailing and encouraging young sailors to the sport. The Foundation named after him raises cash to encourage and enable young and disadvantaged sailors around the world. In 2016, the foundation made a substantial donation to Sailability Hong Kong for the purchase of essential equipment.