New Year Day’s Race 2018

NYD Race was held under gray skies but generally pleasant weather. The event, which features participation from all 3 sections (paddling, rowing, sailing) was well-attended, with more than 35 people on the beach for the start. The cool temperatures saw the sailors insulating themselves in neoprene, while the paddlers and rowers wore little more than t-shirts. A consistent easterly breeze of 8-10 knots was enough to give the sailors confidence that they may be able to defend their title.

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All participants set off at precisely 12 noon. The paddlers sprinted out of the bay, exhibiting a furious pace early on. Surely they couldn’t maintain such an output! The pairs rowing team of two of LBC top female athletes was right on the heels of the paddlers, while the sailors struggled to get out of the bay with several tacks required to reach the open water and better breeze. However, soon after the  sailors got going, they passed into the lee of Peng Chau and struggled to get going again. Meanwhile, the top paddling team (aka “James Bond”) showed no signs of weakness and sprinted around the backside of Peng Chau with other 2 OC 6 paddling team in hot pursuit. The sailors found an encouraging breeze around the backside and enjoyed a fully-powered beat up the wind and an exciting reach across the top of Peng Chau. But it was too little, too late for the sailors as the paddlers took a very direct course around the island and built an insurmountable lead.

The paddlers proved to be dominant once again, as the first OC6 came in with a blistering time of only 49 minutes, and the top 3 places were all from the paddling section.


  1. OC 6 team James Bond  49:00
  2. OC 6 team Flying Turtles  52:20
  3. OC 6 team Lin   53:34
  4. Double skulls – team Bright Crowd (aka Van Den Berg ‘A’)  55:35
  5. Sailing F18 – Team Hoppy  65:46
  6. Sailing F16 – Team Metz   66:42
  7. Sailing team Van Den Berg (‘B’ team)   68:50
  8. Sailing Nacra 15 – team Andrew’s Boys   76:49

A hearty meal followed the activities, organised and cooked by last year’s winner from the sailing section. Next year it will be hosted by the paddlers!

A big thanks to Michele Felder for the photos and untiring assistance on the organisation of the event. Thanks to Marc Holm and Haydn Ridd for helping keep everyone safe. Our gratitude to James Branch for the drone footage (and for sacrificing his most prized toy into the trees of the headland for our cause). The good news is he was able to recover the drone the next day 🙂  Thanks to Peter Austin and the other paddlers who cleaned the dishes!

Until next year!