63rd Head of the Bay

The 63rd Head of the Bay was held at Middle Island, Saturday April 21st. Lantau Boat Club Rowers brought home lots of Gold at the Coastal Head of the Bay races at Middle Island Deepwater Bay. Women’s Master Coxed Quad, Zoe Davies Cox, Mary Dowd Stroke, Marianne Kolding, Grace Bolger and Estelle Davies brought home […]

The 2nd Harbour Regatta

The 2nd Harbour Regatta was held on March 18th, organized by RHKYC with HKCRA as co-organizer. More than 170 rowers from around 20 different clubs raced on the course starting just outside Kellett Island, rowing towards HK Convention & Exhibition Centre. It is always such a privilege to row in HK Harbour with the magnificent […]

TODA Masters 2017

LBC rowers went in strength to the Toda International Masters Regatta this year.We partnered with RHKYC rowers to participate in 2 Women’s Doubles, 2 Women’s Quads and a Mixed Quad. Our 5 rowers returned with 11 medals between them! Congratulations to LBC rowers Marina Ros and Tess Dolk, Mary Dowd, Bernard Chow, and Allan Ball!! […]

Head of the Bay (2017)

The 62nd Head of the Bay was held on April 22nd at Middle Island. This event is unique in Hong Kong as it is held on an open water course, where rowers face new challenges from the water conditions and also difficult navigation. Twelve teams took part this year. Congratulations to both the LBC women’s […]

The Excelsior 1st Harbour Rowing Regatta

Thanks to Estelle, Zoe, Marianne, Kirsty, Tess, Marina, and Bernard, LBC was a part of the first harbour rowing regatta to be held after 50 years. When The Excelsior 1st Harbour Rowing Regatta was announced less than a month ago, many of us were excited by the opportunity to row, and race, in the historic […]

2017 Indoor Rowing Championships

Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championship – March 4th and 5th. Estelle, Marianne, Kirsty and Rachel represented LBC at the HK Indoor Rowing Championship. The Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championships is the HKCRA’s biggest Annual Indoor rowing event. Estelle shared her experience with us: When a team of 3 experienced and highly fit ladies (we live […]

Middle Island Masters Regatta

Masters Regatta Middle Island – 10 Dec 2016 LBC rowers were at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Middle Island Masters Regatta on 10th December. In previous years this regatta was confined to Yacht Club rowers, but its opening up to other clubs was a welcome expansion of the rowing calendar. Sixteen knockout events and […]

Lantau Classic – Rowing Races

9th October – Lantau Classic Thanks, again, to the paddling section for inviting LBC and RHKYC rowers to take part in this impeccably organised day of racing. Rowers took part in the morning event around Peng Chau, a 9 km course, starting races about 10 minutes after the outriggers as we wanted to avoid traffic […]

Rowing Première – Dolphin Quest

11th September 2016 – Dolphin Quest The Rowing Section is very grateful to the Paddling Section for the invitation to take part in the 73k round Lantau expedition. Our two coastal doubles were crewed by Andrea, Tess and Kirsty and Lion Rock Rowing Club members. Crew members changed in the water every 10k or so […]

Rowing Challenge “Round Lamma Race”

LBC entered a women’s coastal quad in this 23K race on 30th October 2016, with Tess and Marina and guest rowers Michelle and Sheila (both of whom had only been rowing since June) and Bob Wilson coxing. The RHKYC opposition failed to materialize so the crew rowed in company with the various outrigger crews. Conditions […]