The club owns several paddles for club use, but it’s a good idea to buy your own paddle so that you can get the right length and weight and avoid injury. Most paddlers in Hong Kong use Typhoon 8 to buy outrigger and dragon boat paddles. They also sell paddling clothes, paddle bags, books and accessories. Check out for details.


You will get wet, and there is the possibility you may have to swim, so we recommend a quick dry T-shirt designed for being wet (not cotton), swimming shorts, cap to keep the sun off, and foot protection such as water proof sandals or light weight dive shoes

We also have club shirts and caps available to buy, talk to the club secretary if you are interested.

You may want to use Neoprene clothing for winter If you’re looking neoprene shorts and rashies, try: Blue Ocean Sports Shop 8A, GF, HK Industrial Ctr Block A, 489-491 Castle Peak Rd, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, MTR Exit C.

For all types of clothing and gear, please see the suppliers on our links page.


If you find your paddle is slippery to hold, rub some surf wax on it. Surf wax can be hard to find in Hong Kong – many shops sell skateboard wax but that’s not what you want! Surf wax can be found at XGame stores (4 locations).

Other equipment

A water proof bag for any keys, mobiles etc. is recommended. We also suggest bringing sports sunglasses, gloves and a water bottle.

There are storage racks at the club house for holding anything you bring with you but don’t take on the boat.