About LBC Rowing

The LBC Rowing Section began as the Lantau Island Rowing Club, a subsidiary club of LBC, which was founded in 2010 to promote the sport of coastal rowing in Hong Kong and provide opportunities to participate in coastal rowing in Discovery Bay.

In February 2013, LIRC was formally merged into the Lantau Boat Club and renamed “LBC Rowing.”

As of March 2017, the LBC Rowing Section has 29 members, their ability level ranging from complete beginners (but picking up fast!) to those with decades of experience.

Members hail from more than a dozen different countries: UK, Germany, Italy, France, Sri Lanka, India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Denmark, Hong Kong and Netherlands. Having such an international group is great fun and a good opportunity not only to enjoy rowing but to brush up your language skills!


Rowing along a coast and confronting the open sea in a rowing boat are different from Olympic rowing, where crews row in a straight line on flat water and with little wind. Coastal rowers do not row on flat water! A competition without any waves is, for coastal rowers, devoid of interest. The attractive sport of coastal rowing is bound to become ever more popular internationally: it develops physical wellbeing and is exhilarating. It is also more easily and quickly learnt than Olympic rowing, probably due to the stability and robustness of coastal rowing equipment. But knowing how to handle a coastal rowing boat isn’t sufficient to become a good coastal rower. Crews must be aware of tides, currents and weather, learn about the course’s topography and know what to do in the midst of maritime traffic and in case of bad weather.

LBC Rowing Committee:

    • Chairman: Andrea Tommasi  Mobile: 6143 8626 
    • Vice-Chair: Tess Dolk  Mobile:  9887 1055
    • Secretary: Sreedevi Vijayagopalan  Mobile:  9191 1614
    • Treasurer: Wilfried Gehin   Mobile: 6391 8067
    • Committee Members: Estelle Davies, Benoit De Villele, Marina Ros, Mary Dowd
Marianne & Stephanie at the World Rowing Champs 2013 in Sweden
Jonny Rodda in action – Gold Medal Winner at the 1st Hong Kong Coastal Rowing Championships 2013
2014 Hong Kong Coastal Rowing Championships – Gold Medal Winners


2014 Head of the Bay Regatta – Gold Medal Winners


Marianne & Grace - Gold Medal Winners in Japan2015 Marianne & Grace – Gold Medal Winners in Japan