Sailing can be a dangerous sport, so proper preparation is essential. In accordance with the LBC Ltd Safety on the Water policy, The Sailing section has produced the following important safety guidelines document covering Sailing At Sea. The document can be downloaded by clicking on the title below:-
Sailing at Sea Safety Guidelines
This is an important read for all Sailors. Please download the document, check you’re in compliance with all the recommendations, and keep for future reference.


When sailing from Discovery Bay you are strongly recommended to carry the following equipment on board :

  • life jackets
  • knife capable of cutting through the trampoline
  • a phone with the emergency numbers below programmed in
  • spare shackles and rope
  • a righting line attached to your mast base
  • money

Before leaving, tell someone on shore where you are likely to go and when you will return. It is advisable to have a support boat operator’s number on your phone on speed-dial so that he can be contacted quickly in an emergency.

Support Boat

For any sailing event organised by the club we have safety / support boat coverage. At those events the club both organises and pays for that coverage.

Phone numbers

  • Discovery Bay Medical Centre: 2987 0200
  • Marine Police (Cheung Chau): 3661 1712
  • Marine Police (Peng Chau): 3661 1716
  • Marine Police (Region): 2803 6179
  • Marine Department Operations Centre: 2385 2791 – also for reporting speed limit violators
  • Marine Department Vessel Traffic Centre: 2233 7801

Speed Restriction

There is a legally enforced speed limit of 5 knots for all vessels within Tai Pak Bay. This is effective between 8 a.m. and midnight of any Saturday, Sunday, or Public Holiday, and on all days between 1st July and 15th September. The area covered by this restriction is marked as SRZ (L1) in the map below:

The full legal terms of this restriction can be found on the Marine Department Website here.

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